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Updated: 03/14/2014 08:06:10AM

A new game in town

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I’m not one for video games. I never was. Sure, I played the occasional Frogger or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out as a kid, but my gaming career stopped about the time I got out of high school. I never really had the urge to play since. I wouldn’t even know how to play today’s high-tech systems. Then I stumbled upon a virtual fishing game a few weeks ago. It’s a little different than sitting on the couch twiddling your fingers on a controller, but it’s a video game. And I have to say, I have the urge to play.

It’s called the Sportfishin’ Simulator, and it can give you a little workout in addition to polishing your angling skills. You can use any rod and reel you want. And you have a choice of species to fish for. You can choose from marlin, sailfish, salmon, trout, bass, walleye and of course, tarpon. Maintaining proper tension on the line, keeping the rod tip up, reeling in or allowing the fish to run is the name of the game, and you get points for it. Poor technique can result in the fish being lost. The simulator can be set to either light or heavy tackle depending on the species, and your line goes directly into a spool in the simulator that mimics the pull of the fish. Like fishing, it’s up to you to set your drag. Too tight and you’ll lose the fish. Too loose and you’ll lose your line. All the while, you are watching the battle ensue on a monitor.

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