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North Port in Top 10 Forbes’ list for job growth
Wed  Aug 24 2016 08:47PM
NORTH PORT — North Port is receiving some national recognition for job growth, even if many feel discontent with the types of jobs that are being brought in. Forbes named … Find out how to read more online.
Ukrainians celebrate 25 years of independence
Wed  Aug 24 2016 07:54PM
NORTH PORT — With the American flag hanging in front of City Hall, the Ukrainian national anthem swelled as the yellow and blue Ukrainian flag rose to sway side by … Find out how to read more online.
Former city attorney to face judge
Wed  Aug 24 2016 07:54PM
NORTH PORT — Embattled former city attorney Robert Robinson will face a Florida Division of Administrative Hearings judge today, stemming from allegations he violated state law by creating new government … Find out how to read more online.
More dogs, cats from flooded Louisiana
Wed  Aug 24 2016 07:28PM
ENGLEWOOD — Marion Lutz hasn’t had much time for sleep these last few days. Lutz, who is the director of the Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary, has had a busy weekend, … Find out how to read more online.
State, National and World News
Police: Man robbed, killed after bowling date set up online
Wed  Aug 24 2016 01:19AM
ORLANDO — A man who took a woman bowling after meeting through an online dating site was fatally shot the next night when she returned with three other men and a gun, police said Tuesday. Adam Hilarie, 27, was shot … read more.

Teen survives rare amoeba infection that kills most people
Wed  Aug 24 2016 01:19AM
ORLANDO — A South Florida boy has survived a rare brain-eating amoeba that kills most people, aided in part because a hard-to-get drug to fight the infection is made by a company in Orlando where he was hospitalized, doctors said … read more.

San Diego Zoo euthanizes 50-year-old elephant
Tue  Aug 23 2016 11:42PM
SAN DIEGO (AP) — The San Diego Zoo says it has had to put down a 50-year-old Asian elephant suffering from old age. Zoo officials told The San Diego Union Tribune the male elephant suddenly became weak Tuesday and did … read more.

Obama vows support for Louisiana after the ‘cameras leave’
Tue  Aug 23 2016 11:41PM
ZACHARY, La. (AP) — Standing amid piles of waterlogged debris, President Barack Obama on Tuesday promised a sustained national effort to rebuild flood-ravaged southern Louisiana “even after the TV cameras leave” on a visit aimed in part at stemming campaign-season … read more.

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More Local News
Residents want access to transportation, health services
Wed  Aug 24 2016 07:28PM
ENGLEWOOD — In a perfect world, Englewood would have busses that crossed the county line. There would be no homeless people or children going to bed hungry. Englewood would have workforce housing and lots of high-paying jobs and plenty for … Find out how to read more online.

No questions raised by Punta Gorda City Council
Wed  Aug 24 2016 08:11PM
PUNTA GORDA — At the first City Council meeting since the death of Mary Knowlton at the Punta Gorda Police Department’s Citizens Academy, Mayor Rachel Keesling gave a brief statement, but no questions were asked by council members of police … Find out how to read more online.

Aid on the way to Louisiana
Wed  Aug 24 2016 07:28PM
Jana-Lee Bair, of North Port, received a grief-stricken email last week from her 82-year-old cousin, Lynne Ferdon, in Prairieview, Louisiana. Lynne’s parish had been obliterated by 35 inches of rain. Ninety percent of its residents were homeless. Some had died. … Find out how to read more online.

Wed  Aug 24 2016 07:28PM

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