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Wed  Apr 26 2017 07:32PM


• The Charlotte County Family YMCA announces that they are now taking registration for all of the YMCA’s 2017 Summer Camp Programs. Campers will find fun new ways …

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‘Community conversation’ will be held on school tax referendum
Wed  Apr 26 2017 07:32PM
CHARLOTTE COUNTY — School Board members will hold a “community conversation” next month about the proposed property tax referendum. The conversation will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, May … Find out how to read more online.
Wildfire ‘like mowing the grass’
Wed  Apr 26 2017 08:30AM
An important element of mitigating wildfires is prescribed burns. The proactive burns serve multiple purposes, including the removal of excess dead, flammable plant material, return of nutrients back to the … Find out how to read more online.
Charlotte County Justice Center upgrade on docket
Wed  Apr 26 2017 07:32PM
MURDOCK — The planned renovation of the Charlotte County Justice Center took a significant step forward this week with a consultant’s final report detailing how improvements would accommodate future demands … Find out how to read more online.
State, National and World News
Trump tweets don’t help: 1st Twitter revenue drop since IPO
Wed  Apr 26 2017 06:19PM
NEW YORK — You’d think Twitter would be able to milk its status as President Donald Trump’s megaphone. But the company still faces stagnant user growth, has never made a profit and even reported a quarterly revenue decline Wednesday, a … read more.

House takes aim at liqour wall
Wed  Apr 26 2017 06:19PM
TALLAHASSEE (News Service of Florida) — A heavily lobbied measure that would remove a Depression-era “wall” separating the sale of liquor and groceries was positioned — after more than two hours of discussion Tuesday — for a final House vote … read more.

Florida voters may vote on new property tax break
Wed  Apr 26 2017 06:18PM
TALLAHASSEE (AP) — Florida homeowners may get an additional $25,000 homestead exemption if voters go along with the proposal. The Florida House on Wednesday voted 81-35 to put a constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot that would allow homeowners to … read more.

It’s a secret: House votes to close presidential searches
Wed  Apr 26 2017 06:18PM
TALLAHASSEE (AP) — Florida public universities and colleges may be able to hold secret searches for new leaders. The Florida House on Wednesday voted 103-11 for a bill that would keep confidential the name of anyone applying to become head … read more.

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Wed  Apr 26 2017 07:32PM

Do you remember when war ended in 1945?

May 8 marks 72 years since World War II came to an end in Europe. The day is better known as Victory in Europe, or VE Day. Do you remember where you …

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St. Petersburg man arrested in real estate scheme
Wed  Apr 26 2017 07:32PM
A St. Petersburg man was arrested Tuesday after a lengthy real estate fraud investigation. Michael Dean Bender, 31, reportedly defrauded Charlotte County victims of $113,431, as well as $12,000 from Missouri victims. According to the warrant for Bender’s arrest, he … Find out how to read more online.

Risk remains for wildfires
Wed  Apr 26 2017 08:30AM
With the exception of the Panhandle, rainfall throughout the state this year has become a commodity. In less than four months, the Tampa Bay region has received 5 inches of rainfall, while the Fort Myers area has received just 3, … Find out how to read more online.

Tue  Apr 25 2017 08:30AM
When Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies take to the road, they can see all recent traffic incidents, property crimes, assaults, 911 calls and anything else that has generated a report in the area they’re policing. This is all made possible … Find out how to read more online.

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